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This picture quote from Roosevelt and my word encouragement below is for those of you who feel like you are battered and bruised and criticised to the point where your “inner critic” is now leading the charge against you.


#staycommitted - @jamesbenglee

Be encouraged.

You are amongst it.

You have glimpses of a vision and you’re not letting it slide.

You are close to the heat not to be burnt but to be refined.

Your mistakes will not define you.

Your missteps will lead you in the right direction.

Your scars are telling a story.

Your bruises are building resilience.

Resisting the status quo.

You are in the arena.

Stay there in the battle.

It’s not time to leave. Just yet.

Your gulping for air means life is still flowing.

You may feel like you are dying. Or maybe you have been written off as dead.

But could it be…

that you are the one truly living.

Your companion in the battle,



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