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I’m not only getting used to the “brrr” 🥶cold here in Canada but also the “blur”. I took this photo while waiting in the car during a typical Vancouver rainy day. It got me thinking.

Vision is a funny thing.

We need it. We want it. We strive for it. Whether as individuals or families or businesses or communities. And when we think we have it and after we have ached over every word as we write it down and articulate it to others, the blur begins. Perfect clarity forever seems to be out of reach and resigned frustration seems to get the better of us.

Don’t get me wrong, vision isn’t a bad thing. Stronger visions of flourishing are really needed in our world and our society. But maybe we need to recognise that for us to move forward, we don’t need to put everything on hold while we wait for some perfect vision.

It’s actually more about a daily progression than unrealistic perfection.

Rather than argue over whether something belongs in the black or white, we progress in the grey.

Rather than await the brightness of a beaming sun, we roll with the shade on a cloudy day.

Life is isn’t crystal clear or crystal not. And in the blurriness of in the in-between, we can either choose to complain about what we can’t see or choose to enjoy the glimpses of life that we can.

Not sure what kind of day or week or month or year you’re having so far, but if it feels pretty blurry, I see you there!

I’m cheering you on with your next step towards life.

Live whole ❤️


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