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Self isolate. Socially distance yourself. 

In some way, I wonder if these required (and responsible!) corona virus responses are simply pressing on something already lodged deep within the fabric of our society’s DNA.

Maybe another virus has been in circulation and that is the virus of ISOLATION. Have we isolated ourselves? Distanced ourselves? Disconnected when it didn’t suit? Kept away those who had a different perspective?

Once the corona virus goes, I wonder if the virus of ISOLATION will still exist.

The cure? I love how Jesus showed us how to break through isolation (again, I'm don't consider myself religious, but spiritual). 

He was firstly INTENTIONAL. He hung with the ISOLATED. With those who didn’t think of themselves as elite or superior. In doing so He particularly agitated the self righteousness of the religious people. He didn’t create a clique of comfort but comforted those others didn’t feel comfortable with.

He was also INTERRUPTIBLE. Jesus stopped for the ISOLATED. When they came to Him, he cared enough to listen and stop. He surrendered His schedule for the ones. He engaged with the individuals who called out to him.

How did he hold both INTENTION and INTERRUPTION together? He basically had His plan of intention but also let it be interrupted if need be. He did not live “either/or”, He lived “both/and”.

I long for the corona virus to go. I long even more for the ISOLATION VIRUS to go.

Yesterday, I shared a short video on IG and FB to find out how people are engaging their community while fulfilling their social responsibilities within the bounds of the Covid-19 prevention guidelines in their cities.

It’s a call to not just win the battle on Covid19 but the war on isolation.

Please please please…I’d love if you can input into this conversation and share your stories of #intention and #interruption so we can strengthen and learn from each other during this time.

Let’s pick up our weapons of both INTENTION and INTERRUPTION and fight this ISOLATION virus together.

​James Beng Lee

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