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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Are you feeling tired of going through the motions?

In this season of your life, is there more activity yet more aimlessness?

Has achievement or activism become your escape from confronting your reality?

Have you lost a sense of wonder?

I felt to encourage you today that it’s time to “CHALLENGE YOUR TREADMILL”.

You were made for more than…

…REPEATING the same thing over and over again.

…RUNNING at a pace set by someone else (or machine).

…RATING yourself against simulated metrics that don’t matter in the real world.

Instead, You were made to…

…RISK doing something you’ve never done before.

…ROAM the wild, explore new land and jump, climb, stumble, fall, etc.

…RELATE to humanity, lament in people’s pain and celebrate in their joys.

If you find yourself scrambling on a treadmill right now, sometimes the best thing you can do is STOP. Slowing down won’t cut it. STOP.

Then, GET OFF. Fight the temptation to get back on another treadmill. Readjust your balance and place your feet on “real ground”.

Then OPEN UP the door to life, feel the air of reality blow in your face and start to walk into the unknown.

Your life is so precious.

Love you my friend


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