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The life decisions that really challenged and grew me were not black or white, they were grey.

It was the grey - the wrestling through the tensions of life - that make us human.

I found that we (not robots) were best designed and best prepared to navigate through the grey in life. 

So let's walk through it together.

"Not all those who wander are lost"​ - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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"James’ secret weapon is that he truly cares. He is one of those rare people whose wisdom ranges over any sphere of life as he has the ability to see into the unique needs of a situation, and communicate effectively whatever is needed to find wholeness. His love for those around him results in a distinctive expertise in intentionality and he is thoughtful in every word he speaks and move he makes. His desire for truth and progression is not just a tool in his belt, but simply a part of his being. These are absolute diamond qualities and I would not only recommend James, I would broadcast my support on national TV"

Ivy Adara - Award Winning Singer/Songwriter


If you're keen to connect further, you can reach me  on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, or Whether it's to do with music, writings, coaching, consulting business/ventures, speaking engagements or something else, I want to see how I can support you! 

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