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My PRAYER of FREEDOM to start 2021.


I thank You for Your presence.

I wait.

I listen.

I lean in.

I want real.

I want to live in reality.

The reality that will truly set me free.

Expose my fantasy.

Expose my blindness.

Expose my judgements.

Expose my assumptions.

Expose my pride.

Help me walk in the way of love.

Cleanse me of religiosity.

Cleanse me of over-dependence - on governments, on institutions, on churches, on traditions, on leaders.

I choose to live free.

I choose to give freely.

I choose to be just me.

And be okay with that.

In the silence.

In the solitude.

I take courage.

With all of me me, in all of You.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Let it be.


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